Sunday, September 16, 2012

LeGrand's Yellowstone Trip, August 1939

The following are from a trip to Yellowstone Park by the Ag. Club of the AC in Logan. Photos are from LeGrand's personal photo album:
"Black Bear"

"Comin' up" 
"Goin' down"

"His Goal Reached (a grapefruit rind)"

"Outside the bus"

"Yellowstone River, first falls" 
"Old Faithful"

"Old Faithful"

"Old Faithful"
"Second Falls"
"Idaho Falls, 1939"

"Idaho Falls, 1939"

"Professor of Ag." [Idaho Falls]
"Erma Shields, Shurlee Gene Silvers (1939)"

"Lily Pond (Yellowstone)"

"Mud which appears to be boiling, smells of Rotton-Egg Gas"

"Ag. Clug (1939)"

"Fishing Bridge, Yellowstone"

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