Saturday, November 19, 2016

LeGrand's Baby Picture?

"I think this is Legrand W."
The above photo was found in a box of letters, etc., from Walter L. "LeGrand" Whipple found by his grandson Derek in the late LeGrand's house at 1015 N. Blvd., Idaho Falls, Idaho, in 1916. On the back of the photo is written: "I think this is Legrand W."

On the other hand, the photo was folded in a paper note from LeGrand's Aunt Clara (Smith) Meldrum, which reads:

Thought you would like to have this letter an the picture of your Mother. 
I would like to wright more but I am having a lot of trouble with my arm lately. 
Thanks for the Xmas card. Except for my arm, I am about the same. I had a very good Xmas. The New Hr. has been find so far. 
I will close now with lots of love
Aunt Clara
The letter Clara mentioned was one LeGrand wrote to his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. T.J. Smith, who lived at R.F.D. #3, Box 253, Provo, Utah.

The return address on the envelope (postmarked Billings, Mont., Feb 28, 1942) was:

Elder W. LeGrand Whipple
619 North 31st Street
Billings, Montana

You can read the letter at

Saturday, January 5, 2013

LeGrand in Takrazuka, Japan, December 20, 1945

LeGrand's niece, Susan Freeze, provided this photo, taken at Takarazuka (not Takaraza), Japan while he was serving in the Army of Occupation following World War II. (Apparently, while sailing to serve in the Pacific Front of the War, the Japanese surrendered, so LeGrand served there in the Signal Corps.) 26 years old at the time, LeGrand later reported that he was asked to sing the Messiah in the chorus at the (otherwise) all-girl Takarazuka Theater.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

At the Wedding with Uncle Joe and Aunt Stella

L-R: Aunt Stella (Law) Atkinson, Mom (Mabel) Atkinson, Erline Atkinson
Uncle Joe Rasmussen, loading the car
Uncle Joe, closeup

Climbing in

Sunday, November 25, 2012

"Oh Promise Me"

Erline and LeGrand, 5 February 1943
Married in the Logan Temple

LeGrand and Erline
5 February 1943
Married in the Logan Temple
Aunt Stella, Erline, LeGrand, 5 February 1943
Logan Temple
Wedding Cake
Erline and LeGrand
5 February 1943

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Family Photo, 1940

LeGrand (20), Ruth (30, step-mother), Albert (16), Illa (14), Floyd (11), Junior (10), Dexter (7), Ted (4), Doris (2)
Probably taken in Tooele (Lake View), in front of "Henry" 

Home Construction, Oct. 5, 1940

LeGrand was always interested in construction. This building (probably in Tooele) appears to be constructed of logs, planed to be square. (No hollow walls in 1940? Probably colder than modern insulated homes ...?)
From LeGrand's personal photo album.

Lake View Ward, 1940

LeGrand attended church in this building.
(From LeGrand's personal photo album)

Whipple Home and "Henry," Oct. 5, 1940

Is this the same house whose photo appears elsewhere in this blog? (Probably)
In Lake View, part (or just outside) of Tooele.
From LeGrand's personal photo album

"Henry's" Trailer, Tooele, Oct. 5, 1940

LeGrand must have loved the trailer. Was "Henry" his own car?

Second photo, also from LeGrand's personal photo album
("Henry" was a model A Ford.)

Logan, June 1, 1940

LeGrand at U.S.A.C, with "Henry" in the background

Stanley Dunn

LeGrand at the Logan Tabernacle

Doris, 1940

Doris, two years old
Doris (2) and future Aunt Erline, Lake View

Saturday, October 13, 2012

21st Birthday in Dayton, Idaho

These photos were taken on LeGrand's 21st birthday, Sunday, September 29, 1940, while visiting Erline's family in Dayton Idaho.
Future parents-in-law: Earl (age 46) and Mabel (42) Atkinson

LeGrand and girlfriend Erline, both 21

The birthday boy (LeGrand, 21)

Erline's family (left to right): Earl, Mabel, Melvin (19), Erline (21), Joyce (15), Sherwin (11), Frances (4).

(Uncropped original of the previous photo)

Just the siblings (left to right): Frances (4), Sherwin (11), Joyce (15), Erline (21), Melvin "Mel" (19)
Erline's friend Glenda, with husband Sid and their daughter.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Logan, 1940

Ready for work
[Erline in front of her Grandma Law's house]

LeGrand, Logan Canyon, May 30, 1940

LeGrand and Erline, Logan Canyon, May 30, 1940

Marvin - Dorthy, Logan Canyon, May 30, 1940

LeGrand at Erline's grandmother's house

Dorthy and Marvin, May 30, 1940

LeGrand and Erline, Logan Canyon, May 30, 1940

LeGrand and Erline, Logan Canyon, May 30, 1940

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Logan Temple Grounds, 1940

The final photo in this sequence is labeled "Logan Temple Grounds." One photo is obviously the Institute building in Logan. The photos following these in LeGrand's photo album are dated May 30, 1940.



Logan Temple


Institute Building
Erline and LeGrand

Sunday, September 16, 2012

LeGrand 1938

From LeGrand's personal photo album

LeGrand's Yellowstone Trip, August 1939

The following are from a trip to Yellowstone Park by the Ag. Club of the AC in Logan. Photos are from LeGrand's personal photo album:
"Black Bear"

"Comin' up" 
"Goin' down"

"His Goal Reached (a grapefruit rind)"

"Outside the bus"

"Yellowstone River, first falls" 
"Old Faithful"

"Old Faithful"

"Old Faithful"
"Second Falls"
"Idaho Falls, 1939"

"Idaho Falls, 1939"

"Professor of Ag." [Idaho Falls]
"Erma Shields, Shurlee Gene Silvers (1939)"

"Lily Pond (Yellowstone)"

"Mud which appears to be boiling, smells of Rotton-Egg Gas"

"Ag. Clug (1939)"

"Fishing Bridge, Yellowstone"